The ultimate travel guide for Suriname




About Suriname

Suriname, set in a natural tropical wilderness, is a splendid combination of the Caribbean and South America, with fascinating reminders of a sometimes turbulent past. In the northeast of the South American continent, bounded by Guyana on the west and French Guyana on the east and Brazil to the south. Influenced by numerous cultures - African, Amerindian, Asian, Jewish and Dutch - the country reflects this diversity harmoniously in its day to day life. Dominated by mighty rivers which provide essential highways into the rainforest and jungles of the interior, which remain virtually untouched by man, Suriname is waiting to be explored. There is little tourism infrastructure in Suriname except for a few well organized tour operators. The bustling capital and port of Paramaribo, stands guard over the Suriname River. The striking architecture reminds us of its Dutch colonial past. Setting out to explore the natural beauty of the interior by boat or light aircraft, you encounter the extraordinary natural heritage of Suriname spreading out like a tropical carpet.

Quad Safari

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Driving through the savanna of Suriname, tearing through mud puddles, forests, creeks and over the violent white landscape. But that’s not all! You will enjoy the beautiful scenery and the famous Johan Adolf Pengel Airport. In addition, there is always time to cool down in...

End of the year celebration in Suriname

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In many parts of the world, people welcome the New Year with fireworks and music. In Paramaribo, capital of Suriname, Owru Yari (Old Year) festivities on 31 December jam the city’s downtown with partying crowds, live music, and hair-raising pyrotechnic displays, as massive...

Raleigh Falls and Voltz mountain

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Raleigh Falls and Voltz mountain Raleighvallen Nature Reserve (Raleigh Falls) is situated on the upper Coppename River and is known for its rich birdlife, many monkey species and, of course, spectacular waterfalls. Part of the Central Suriname Nature Reserve, lucky visitors may...

Upper Suriname River

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Upper Suriname River tour Along the upper stream of the Suriname River, approximately 200 km south of Paramaribo, you will meet the Saramaccan Maroons and their culture. When driving you will take the Afobaka road passed the fascinating, mystical forest with its unique tropical...

Brokopondo Lake

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Stay a few nights on an island in the Brokopondo Lake. It is really a good place to unwind. The water surrounding you is warm. So swimming is great. But you can also fish if you like; the lake has spots where piranhas are abundant. But there are other fish to catch too. Also make...

Brownsberg naturepark

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Brownsberg naturepark This mountain once was sold to win gold here. But John Brown could not find enough gold here and sold the area. So in 1970 Brownsberg Nature Park was established. It is Suriname’s first and only national park. The park (as the name suggests) is located on a...

cola creek

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Relaxing at Cola-creek Bring your hammock and food and drinks and enjoy relaxing at this creek. The creek got its name from the color of the water. The water gets it’s cola color from the leafs that fall in the creek.

Fort Nieuw Amsterdam

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At the other side of the river in the Commewijne district, where the Commewijne River and the Suriname River come together, there is another fort. It is fort Nieuw Amsterdam. The fort was built in the 18th century to protect the plantations. When the plantations were no longer...

Paramaribo zoo

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  Make sure to visit the zoological park to see many stunts and antics of the baboon monkeys.