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Destination Suriname Part1

In this movie you can learn many things about Suriname. Suriname is a great destination to visit.

Destination Suriname Part 2

In this movie you can learn many things about Suriname. Suriname is a great destination to visit.

Suriname Promotion

This is a small promotion video of Suriname

Berg en Dal Zipline tour

Berg en dal is a Great eco resort in Suriname. if you love Nature with the breeze and sound of the tropical forest and you also love some action like the ziplin canopy tour then Berg en dal in Suriname is a great place to visit.

Experience Nature's love Kasikasima Suriname

Kasikasima Expedition is for the real adventurous Jungle nature lovers. There is lots of hiking and climbing through the jungle but at the end The magnificent view over the “roof” of the Amazon rain forest will give you renewed energy for yet another life: You are on “Top of the World”. Your body and mind can once again face anything! Email us Travel guide Suriname if you would love to get a great deal on visiting Kasikasima mountains.

People of Galibi 2015

Galibi is a great place at the north east coast of suriname contact us if you are interested in getting great deals for Galibi

Great Quadbiking experience in Suriname

Experience Nature in Suriname with a great adrenaline rush. This quadbike trip brings you right thru the breathtaking jungle of our lovely Suriname. Contact us if you are interested in this great quadbiking tour in Suriname.

Bigi Pan in Suriname

The Bigi Pan Area is a natural area located on the west coast of Suriname and has 68 000 hectares. Big Pan, meaning Grand Lake, an area formed from creeks, mangroves, wet and dry vegetations. This area is a rich source of food for a large number of bird species (± 120 species) which come from the cold north to overwinter here. One of the most famous birds in the area is the Red Ibis. Besides birds, the area is also rich in fish and reptiles. So if you like the lovely sound of birds on a lake full of fish then you have to visit Bigi pan email us if you want to get the best deals for this trip.